Are you a small business owner? Do you struggle to fully understand your financial position? Are you unsure of how to process your financial statements and ratios?

The Business Essentials Program has been created by Alan Green Business Coaching to work with small and medium sized business owners and operators to help them better understand their financial position. This workshop will:

  • walk you through your financial statements and ratios
  • help you to identify profit improvement techniques
  • aid you in profit planning and cash flow forecasting
  • help you to better link your financial goals with your overall operations and sales

This workshop will help you understand basic practises in Financial Management and help you build the fundamental systems and practises that are required for a business to be healthy.

With over 30 years of experience in helping small and medium sized South Australian businesses, Alan Green has created this short workshop to answer the most common problems that SMEs seem to face with their financials. Contact us today to book into one of our Adelaide-wide workshops or organize a personal workshop at your business.

Feedback from attendees at our Business Essentials Program

“Very informative. Has motivated me to look deeper into our financial situation. I’ll start analyzing our account and implementing the various ratios.”

“Extremely thorough….Great resources (provided) mean I will be able to revisit and process this information in due course.”

“I will be able to now properly assess my business and make the necessary changes.”