Working with AG Business Coaching pays dividends for the Haywood Group



The Haywood Group owns and operates a RAMS mortgage broking franchise in South Australia and employs six people. I was engaged by the Franchise Principal, Cheryl Haywood, in 2018.

The Situation

Franchise Principal, Cheryl Haywood, has owned and operated her RAMS mortgage brokerage for 10 years.

Prior to engaging AG Business Coaching, she worked with another business coach for three years but didn’t see any substance in the process or real growth for her business.

Cheryl realised she was spending too much time working in the business and not enough time working on it and wanted some support as she transitioned into a leadership role.

My approach is about:

Data-led analysis

We started with a business diagnostic to gain a clear understanding of what was happening in the business.

One quick win was to change the layout of the Haywood Group’s financial statements so they could be more easily read, understood and used to support decision-making in the business.

Engaging the business

I support Cheryl in talking to her five employees about the business.

We give each employee their own sales and marketing plan, so they know their sales target how to achieve it each month.

In addition, we make sure each new business initiative is assessed and incorporated into the budget so the expense is planned and the results from new initiatives are measured.

Ongoing coaching

I meet with Cheryl monthly to discuss her progress against her business plan, budget and performance measures. During those meetings, I act as an independent sounding board for any problems or new ideas Cheryl wants to discuss such as issues around the franchise agreement or challenging landlords.

The Results

    • Since 2018 revenue has increased 30 percent and her net profit by 40 percent.