AG Business Coaching helps agribusiness make dirt pay



LawrieCo works with farms across Australia to help produce better quality soil, which then helps farmers produce better quality crops, higher yields, healthier animals and importantly, increase water retention. All of which result in greater returns for the farmer.

I was engaged in May 2016 to work with the business.

The Situation

LawrieCo, a leading player in agribusiness, employs 10-15 people. When I started working with them in 2016, they had a few challenges:

  • Not using financial data optimally to support informed business decisions
  • Needing a clear plan for growth
  • Setting governance in place to support senior leaders to help the business grow

My approach is about:

Data-led analysis

I started with my customary financial diagnostic of the business to determine areas that were performing well and areas with room for improvement.

Engaging the business

Following the financial diagnostic, I worked with the business to create budgets. As part of this process, I changed the layout of the financial statements, so they were easier for the senior leadership to read, understand and use to make better and more informed business decisions.

In addition, I worked with AHT Group to develop a strategic plan – an essential roadmap to capture and communicate where they want the business to go into the future.

I also coach the Directors, and guided them on how to promote two high performing employees as company directors and shareholders.

Ongoing coaching

I run regular planning sessions with AHT Group’s advisory board and I am available as a sounding board for the company’s directors.

The Results

  • Revenue has increased more than 40 percent
  • I assisted with employing a new CEO, and facilitated two employees to become company shareholders and directors